As the creative arm of the Ateneo Management Association, the Advertising and Communications (AdComm) department oversees the traditional and non-traditional communication functions of the entire organization. Beyond this, the department also aims to provide an avenue for its members to learn and develop skills in creative media and project management by giving them various opportunities to spearhead the projects of the organization.


Hazel Angela Toque

Vice President for Advertising and Communications
There has always been a creative side to Hazel – it was definitely her own expression of giving color and life into the ordinary. As she journeyed through her projects as an AdComm manager, she has grown to love the department that has given her an avenue to explore, and a place that she can comfortably call home. Her vision for a greater balance between both work integrity and member welfare has always been anchored in the heart of service – to be able to empower those in the department to create, and to be able to share that creativity beyond convention. As the current Advertising and Communications Vice President, posters, spiels, and promos might be the ordinary now; although, best believe that nothing is too ordinary as she knows that behind each project promo are people driven by the same passion that fuels and inspires the department to continue doing what they love.

Alyssa Maxine Natindim

Associate Vice President for Advertising
Alyssa’s passion for the arts was carried over from kinder to grade school to high school, and now to college. She joined as an AdComm intern in her freshman year as an outlet for her passion, and eventually joined as an AdComm manager in her sophomore year for the people. Now an Associate Vice President for Advertising, Alyssa continues to serve for the org she now calls her home with her dedication to the arts by guiding the current interns and managers to a creative direction that hones their skills as future leaders of the department.

Frances Nina Roberto

Associate Vice President for Advertising
Design has always been Franina’s greatest love. As far back as she can remember, lines, colors, and shapes have spoken to her louder than any friend or stranger. In her freshman year of college, Franina joined AMA as an AdComm intern to continue having an outlet for expression—not knowing that she would also find a home. Now one of the Associate Vice Presidents for Advertising, she translates her creative passion into service for present and future AMAns.

Karlo Gabriel Marquez

Associate Vice President for Documentations
Karlo is the first Documentations Associate Vice President in AMA. Together with Hazel, he revamped the documentation systems and helped build more respect for photographers and videographers. Karlo is also one of the premier filmmakers of the organization.

Kelsey Katrina Francesca Peña

Associate Vice President for Public Relations
A step out of her comfort zone was what pushed Kelsey to enter a new environment and be a manager for AdComm in her second year. By immersing herself in the organization with different project involvements and challenging herself to get to know AMA, she was able to grow as she met new people and as she engaged in new experiences. As the current Associate Vice President for Public Relations, Kelsey worked to improve the departmental systems and to utilize different trackers for better accessibility and efficiency. She aims to lead her interns and managers so that they too, will find a home in this org and enhance their skills in public relations and productions.


Andre Lim

Ariane Agravante

Bruce Ong

Carleen Lamasan

Cecilia Cancio

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Cheska Galang

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