As the creative arm of the Ateneo Management Association, the Advertising and Communications (AdComm) department oversees the traditional and nontraditional communication functions of the entire organization. Beyond this, the department also aims to provide an avenue for its members to learn and develop skills in creative media and project management by giving them various opportunities to spearhead the projects of the organization. 


Mary Bernadette Rañola

Vice President for Advertising and Communications
As the Vice President of the Advertising and Communications Department of the Ateneo Management Association, Mary oversees all creative materials of the organization, ensuring that all promotional materials maintain coherence, visual appeal, and effectivity in communicating its central message. Beyond maintaining an AdComm that constantly inspires creativity, she also hopes to establish a professional work environment that promotes innovation and growth—one that will ultimately allow its members to expend past their established skillset in the arts and into the mold of what makes them a true AMAn: a model of where passion meet profession.

Eliza Ann Espino

Associate Vice President for Advertising
During her freshman year, Eliza signed up to be a part of AMA's Creatives Pool. Little did she know that this journey would eventually cause her to step out of her comfort zone and realize her potential to serve the organization. In her junior year, she finally found the courage to apply as a manager for the Advertising and Communications department. Her first three years in AMA made her fall in love not only with the work, but also with the people. As one of AMA’s Associate Vice Presidents for Advertising, Eliza supervises Ad managers in their creatives-related content for AMA and its projects. She has always had a passion for creativity and she hopes to share this with others, both inside and outside the organization. Through her job, she aims to aid managers in developing not only their technical skills, but also in learning the values of discipline, openness, time management, and hard work.

Nicole Generoso

Associate Vice President for Advertising
As one of AMA's Associate Vice President for Advertising, Nicole supervises the AdComm managers in their respective projects, all the while making sure that their output communicates the face of AMA. Apart from this, she also aids the Vice President for Advertising and Communications in the decision making regarding various matters concerning the department. Nicole started out as a member of AMA's Creatives Pool and grew to love the work, and eventually, the organization, for it allowed her to find an avenue for her lifelong hobby.

Joachim de Jesus

Associate Vice President for Communications
Joachim handles all non-traditional promotions done by AMA and its projects. A great part of this duty includes giving creative direction and supervision to the Public Relations, Productions, Videography, and Photography subdepartments of AdComm, all of which support the creative arm and image of the organization. Now in his second year—both in college and in AMA—he spent his first year as his block's representative and as an AdComm Intern. His interests consist of music, videography, and the general art in all things. He proudly contributes his passions to the organization, and hopes to serve everyone well in this manner, all the while learning from everyone as well. Coming from humble beginnings, Joachim aims to provide the best outcome for the organization through AdComm's initiatives and by supporting all other projects, both internally and externally.


Alyssa Natindim

Anna Monedero

Bruce Ong

Christy Tan

Driggs Gaddi

Faye Capio

George Zaldivar

Hazel Toque

Kelsey Peña

Kurt Ang

Mark Tan

RD Villaroman

Sir Sio

Zeus Corral