The Business Applications department is the entrepreneurial arm​ of the Ateneo Management Association which diversifies AMA's brand of entrepreneurship and better integrates AMA's two core competencies by providing entrepreneurial opportunities for its members and the Ateneo community.


Zarina Bernice Haw

Vice President for Business Applications
During her freshman year, Zar started in AMA as one of the marketing pool members and sales heads for Brownies for Buddies. Then, she continuously applied to be a manager as the years went by. After a series of challenges and triumphs, Zar was far more motivated to make the organization a better place for everyone. As the vice president of her department, she believes that BA’s advocacy of entrepreneurship still has so much potential. With this, she is revamping previous BA projects and curating unique initiatives that would further promote the aspect of entrepreneurship to not only within the organization but also beyond it.

Christine Doncillo

Associate Vice President for Projects
Tin’s experience in AMA began when she was a freshman by participating in several projects. However, her actual journey started when she became a manager for the Business Applications department. Experiencing both ups and downs has made her more knowledgeable and more determined to pursue her interests. Now as one of the Project AVPs for BA, she wants to give back to the organization through promoting entrepreneurship throughout its departmental projects as well as integrating the concept of social entrepreneurship to AMA and all of its members.

Kevin King

Associate Vice President for Projects
Kevin began as a subcore in different AMA projects in his first and second year; however, it was only last year when Kevin truly shined when he became a Business Applications (BA) manager. It was during this time where he provided reliable support for the organization wherever it was needed and played a vital role for the success of different BA projects. He is currently the Projects AVP for BA and is in charge of providing avenues for entrepreneurship within the organization and the Ateneo community. He ensures effective projects while creating strong relationships among members and ensuring their welfare.

Ma. Sophia Isabel Duavit

Associate Vice President for Projects
Ever since her first project with the Business Applications (BA) Department, Sophie knew right away that that she has found a new home within AMA. She was drawn to the BA Department’s hardworking core members as well as their joint love for entrepreneurship centering on leadership in business for others. Through her work as BA Projects AVP, Sophie has encountered numerous obstacles and triumphs in every project she has handled. All of these have not only sparked her passion for serving the rest of AMA and the Loyola Schools community, but have also honed and improved her skills, in which she wishes to continue to enhance throughout her term.


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