The Business Applications department is the entrepreneurial arm​ of the Ateneo Management Association which diversifies AMA's brand of entrepreneurship and better integrates AMA's two core competencies by providing entrepreneurial opportunities for its members and the Ateneo community.


Bernice Ranee Santiago

Vice President for Business Applications
Bernice has had her share of knowledge not limited to the the Business Applications department, thanks to her work experience as a subcore in multiple projects over the course of her membership in AMA, as well as her time as a manager. Now, as the Business Applications Vice President, Bernice oversees the entire BA department and its projects to ensure the smooth flow of the project planning behind these events. Furthermore, she has seen the importance of bringing forth entrepreneurial values through the projects' performances. In order to do this, she aims to focus on prioritizing both the welfare of the core teams as well as the performance and quality output that these core teams produce. It is her belief that doing so will better align the projects' objectives to the department's overall goals with regards to entrepreneurship.

John Philip Santiago

Associate Vice President for Projects
As one of the Associate Vice Presidents for Projects of the Business Applications Department, JP not only supervises the department's projects; he also acts as the bridge between AMA and the SOMBA program, and works to ensure a good relationship with them. He guides the managers throughout the project planning and execution, focusing on both the personal development of the managers as well as the success of the project. Having been an active member for two years and a manager for the BA department in the previous year, he definitely knows his way around the projects of AMA. Additionally, JP was also a project head for one of the SOMBA projects last year: Outbound 2018.

Jozshelle Marie Cruz

Associate Vice President for Projects
Jozshelle is a cheerful and hardworking individual with a passion to serve others and a drive for success. She continuously strives to do her best in going beyond what is asked of her and continuously gives back to the organization that helped mold her into what she is today. As one of the Associate Vice Presidents for Projects, she supervises the projects of BA while upholding the culture and competencies of AMA through competently managing the welfare and growth of the managers. Having witnessed first-hand the different projects of AMA as a participant, subcore, core team member, and a member of the AMAneuvers for the past three years, Jozshelle believes that these experiences will help her efficiently handle her projects and aid her in gearing her managers towards becoming hardworking, passionate individuals as well as the future leaders of the organization.

Joseph Martin Mercado

Associate Vice President for Projects
JM, now in his third year in AMA, did not start off his AMA journey as one of the most active freshmen. He started off joining several projects as a subcore, but never really performed at a top level. Come second year, JM seized a great opportunity and became an AMA manager. There, he gained experience and knowledge about the various systems and protocols of AMA. After a year, he applied to be one of the Associate Vice Presidents for Projects for the Business Applications Department. As a BA Projects AVP, his goal is to steer the project in its proper direction. Although he is in charge of looking after a project in a macro-perspective, he believes that everything should still be done with respect to the core team. His role is not to be a creator, but a facilitator for creation to happen.




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