ID Picture Services is a two-phase, week-long fundraising initiative that aims to provide students, in the start of every semester, a convenient photo and class schedule printing services, and school supplies. A booth will be set up within the campus where students can purchase and avail the said products and services.


Entrep Camp (formerly known as 'Entrep Con') is a two-phase, 2-day long interactive and immersive camp which serves as an avenue for people to learn more about the spirit of entrepreneurship. The first phase will have a series of mini talks by fellow entrepreneurs, and also short networking session with them. Then, the second one will be the ideation and execution phase, wherein participants will be roving in different stations with various concepts tied in each station in an amazing race style. Winners will be awarded with various prizes.


The Ateneo Enterprise Bazaar is a 2-day commercial launch bazaar that caters to various concessionaires, including to students under the School of Management Business Accelerator (SOMBA) program. The bazaar showcases the most innovative and creative business ideas of aspiring entrepreneurs.


The Green Profit Initiative is a week-long sustainability initiative that advocates the concepts of resourcefulness, environmentalism and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Commonly termed as “trash to cash”, it involves buying and selling of paper scrap materials from students of Ateneo and a bigger-scale junk shop respectively. This aims to teach its interested participants that it is possible to be able to earn money through recycling. 



JSEC Challenge is a three-phase, week-long project which serves as an avenue for aspiring entrepreneurs from the Ateneo community to engage in business activities in the form of a food stall competition. Winners are awarded a spot in the JGSOM Student Enterprise Center (JSEC), which is located within the Ateneo campus, the following school year.


Outbound is a project that aims to give students under the School of Management Business Accelerator (SOMBA) program the opportunity to network with established entrepreneurs, business consultants, and investors to further grow and improve their businesses, with the aim of helping them close an investment. In addition, it serves as an avenue for the grading of the SOMBA groups by the investors.