The B.S. Management program is devoted to developing the next generation of high-impact entrepreneurs by giving students not just the theoretical frameworks but also the practical experience that will maximize their potential for future business success.

The program curriculum is designed to develop in our students the sort of entrepreneurial eye and attitude that will help them to see opportunities where other might see problems, to innovate where others might be contented to simply keep things the same, to say “I will do it” where others might be contented to simply wait for someone else to do it.

To achieve this, the major curriculum of the program is heavily project-oriented, with an emphasis on experiential and hands-on learning, rather than just classroom-based and textbook learning.

Over the four years of the program, students are given multiple opportunities to hone their business planning skills.

The centerpiece of the program is a culminating (and integrating) project where students are organized into micro-enterprise groups and tasked to actually run a business in their senior year. Many students have gone on to become entrepreneurs after graduation, with their senior year micro-enterprises serving as the take-off points for their business ventures.

By the time they graduate, we expect our students to have the requisite skills in each of the different business disciplines necessary to effectively and efficiently manage and lead any type of organization. More importantly, they should have the sort of entrepreneurial attitude and outlook that will help them to be effective change agents, innovators, and leaders, whether as founders of their own business ventures, or as managers in the largest multinational corporations.

The JGSOM Business Accelerator, or SOMBA program, as well as the JGSOM Student Enterprise Center, or JSEC, are just two of the most exciting experiential learning opportunities available to students who wish to pursue the entrepreneurial tract in earnest. 


In 2004, the Ateneo Loyola Schools’ student publication, The GUIDON, conducted an informal survey among the Loyola Schools students, asking them to identify “the most prestigious course” in the Ateneo. JGSOM’s BS Management-Honors  program, often referred to as the BMH program, came out on top of the heap, ranking 1st overall out of a total of over 40 different undergraduate programs offered by the Ateneo.
BMH is an Entrepreneurship program that relies heavily on an experiential learning framework in its approach to education. Thus, the curriculum emphasizes project work and hands-on exposure as a necessary complement to textbook learning and academic work, to create a richer, fuller, and more student-centered learning experience.
Students enrolled in the program will be exposed to all the basic functional areas of management, with a special focus on the needs of small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and family businesses. Because we believe that entrepreneurship is best learned through practice rather than just in theory, students will be given multiple opportunities to prepare business plans and to actually execute these plans over the four years of the program.
The curriculum is designed to develop in our students an eye for spotting opportunities and the entrepreneurial outlook that will move them to seize these opportunities as they become available, rather than to simply stand on the sidelines as mere spectators. This sort of eye and outlook will prove invaluable to them wherever their professional lives may take them, whether they start up their own entrepreneurial ventures, or go to work in multinational corporations.
The Honors program in management is open only to applicants who score in the top 10% of the Ateneo College Entrance Test. An excellent additional avenue for learning comes from being in a class made up of only highly-intelligent, highly motivated, and self-driven individuals.
The Management Honors program is able to attract many of the best undergraduate business students in the country because of the rigorous and exacting standards that only a few of the very best of our students have been able to meet.
Do you have what it takes to join this elite fraternity of some of the best and brightest graduates of the Ateneo?