The External Relations Department serves as the external arm of the Ateneo Management Association. The department directly links the organization to external entitiesits main goal to be the bridge between the Ateneo community and different institutions and organizations. Through its projects, ExR aims to give both AMAns, as well as other Ateneans, a preview of the work environment and provide opportunities that will ease their transition to this after graduation.


Eunice Khim Uy

Vice President for External Relations
Eunice is the Vice President for External Relations of AMA, where she directs, supervises, and initiates all actions and partnerships of the organization with entities both inside and outside the university. With a vision to provide an avenue for students to acquire new skillsets, venture into new experiences, and eventually discover their own passions in life, she aims to create and sustain lasting relationships with various partners. This is to provide a quality experience to all the members involved in the organization, and to eventually help them find their calling in life.

Regina Michelle Alano

Associate Vice President for Projects
Micki was fairly inactive in her first two years in AMA, but seeing and hearing about her friends' experiences with the organization intrigued her and pushed her to become an active member. She broke ground in her junior year when she became an ExR Manager. Currently an Associate Vice President for Projects for the External Relations department, Micki hopes to encourage others to challenge the status quo and to explore new experiences, all the while enjoying the camaraderie and the bonds developed along the way.

Katrina de Jesus

Associate Vice President for Projects
Kat has always been a visionary; she has always dreamed of things that seemed far beyond her reach. Once a clueless college freshman, Kat constantly sought guidance and took as many opportunities as she could. Eventually, she realized that one is not limited to what is taught and offered within the walls of the Ateneo. Through AMA, she was exposed to several opportunities that would allow her to discover and explore her options, gain insight into various factors that come with these options, and eventually, realize her true passions. As an Associate Vice President for Projects, she is responsible for supervising ExR projects, which aim to connect Ateneans to external entities such as institutions and other school organizations. Through this, Kat hopes to someday help fellow Ateneans discover the endless possibilities ahead of them, and eventually, realize their true passions as well.

Ma. Francesca Jennina Brito

Associate Vice President for Corporate Relations
Chesca started her adventure in the organization as a subcore in a few AMA projects during her first two years in the Ateneo, but her actual journey began when she joined the organization as an External Relations Manager in her junior year and became the head for one of AMA’s flagship projects. Even after shifting to another course, that year was when she grew most attached to more AMAns and to the organization itself, and found herself simultaneously growing with respect to her leadership skills. She now serves the organization as an Associate Vice President for Corporate Relations (CorRel), and is in charge of fostering strong relationships between external entities and the members through sponsorships and partnerships in the different projects of AMA alongside her co-AVP, Ysabel. Aside from supervising the CorRel Heads in each project, Chesca is also responsible for developing the CorRel Trainees to ensure continuity of the function, maintaining AMAs external presence, and breeding the next generation of CorRel heads and officers.

Ysabel Rica Janella Sagmit

Associate Vice President for Corporate Relations
With her background in the Financial Resources Department, Ysabel continues to drive the marketing function of the organization as an Associate Vice President for Corporate Relations (CorRel). She maximizes the opportunities the organization can take advantage of, particularly through sponsorship and partnership efforts. As a CorRel AVP, she establishes and maintains good relationships with external entities, all the while making sure that the members of the organization are provided with opportunities that can contribute to their growth. Along with Chesca, she supervises the CorRel pool which are trained to enhance their negotiation skills.




Justine Alberto

Patricia Camarista

Virgil Ramos

Paolo Alvero

Gab Casiño

Jaime Castro

Nathan Reyes

Reigne Vera Perez

Sam Belmonte

Liam Chua

Shania Chuason


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