The External Relations Department serves as the external arm of the Ateneo Management Association. The department directly links the organization to external entities—its main goal to be the bridge between the Ateneo community and different institutions and organizations. Through its projects, ExR aims to give both AMAns, as well as other Ateneans, a preview of the work environment and provide opportunities that will ease their transition to this after graduation.


Virgil Ramos

Coordinating Associate Vice President
Virgil started his journey in AMA through his humble beginnings in first year joining and being part of projects in various departments. After having joined the External Relations department as a manager in his second year, he has developed a love for the department’s mission and vision - bridging each AMAn to opportunities inside and outside of the organization. Now in his third year with the organization, he continuously strives to be of greater service to every member and project through big and small contributions. He believes that being an AMAn is to become better for the people that you love, and to serve with a purpose for a bigger cause.

Charles Nathan Reyes

Associate Vice President for Projects
Nathan has been with the organization since his freshman year, eventually taking a short break to find himself and what he wants to do before settling down to continue his service in his third year according to his values of consistency, competency, and excellence. His constant thirst for new learnings and innovation has manifested itself in the projects he has handled, earning larger responsibilities as time passed. Now, as the AVP for Projects, he seeks to cement the department’s mission to connect the organization’s members to only the best external entities through top-notch projects, execute these according to the department’s vision, and form meaningful relationships within the fAMAly while bringing out everyone’s full potential. He hopes that the love he has for the organization and its members will translate into an inclusive working culture for all.

Jaime Luis Castro

Associate Vice President for Projects
Jaime started his journey in the organization through joining any subcore openings he could find. He was always a shy guy but he constantly stepped out of his comfort zone – eager to experience new things, learn more about project management, and develop his leadership skills, he eventually got to where he is today. Now in his senior year, Jaime plans to use his position as Projects AVP to pass down the knowledge he has learned from the past three years in the organization to the next generation of AMAns, so that he may perhaps help others find what they want to do or specialize in, like what he has experienced in AMA.

Azucena Reigne Vera Perez

Associate Vice President for Corporate Relations
As a freshie, Reigne had absolutely no idea what to do so she tried joining LFS, one of AMAs flagships projects, and was instantly hooked. She then went on to participating in multiple projects by undertaking different roles but eventually found her passion in Corporate Relations. Three years later, she is now taking on the position of AVP for Corporate Relations in the External Relations department. This year, Reigne hopes to restructure the system so it is more efficient, as well as to teach others the many opportunities and applicable lessons that the Corporate Relations function of AMA has to offer.

Luisa Therese Filart

Associate Vice President for Corporate Relations
Otherwise known as “Lizzie,” she started her corporate relations journey back in her freshman year as a member of the very first Corporate Relations Pool. She originally joined AMA as it is her home organization, as well as to hone her professional skills. After realizing her newfound talent and love in the field, she took a leap into her current AVP position where she could teach others what she had learned and have them love the work the way she did. Through AMA, she has learned what it truly means to express your passion through your profession.


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