The AMA Privilege Card project's primary objective is to develop a privilege card which serves to empower AMA members through the benefits gained from partnerships with different establishments. It is to be distributed during recruitment week wherein each member can receive immediate access to these privileges as a warm gesture of welcome into the organization.


Paradigm is a two-phase event that is comprised of a business seminar and a case competition. Phase 1 holds the business seminar, where students are given the chance to learn from industry professionals through a series of talks. Subsequently, Phase 2 holds the case competition, in which teams are tasked to study a case and formulate a pitch, which will then be presented to a panel of judges. Overall, the project aims to promote creativity, strategic planning, and critical thinking.


En Route is an event that is geared towards application processes in career planning. Through a series of talks, interactive learning lectures, and simulations, this project provides participants with the necessary soft-skills so that students are able to put their best foot forward when applying for a job and finding their fit in the business environment.


Fast Forward is a company tour and program that brings the Ateneo students to various companies. It is an avenue where participants are given the chanc to meet with companies from different industries, and where the organization's partner companies are given the chance to interact with potential candidates for internship or employment.


Career Workshop aims to give participants a general idea of what it is like to be a part of the workforce. A personality test will be given to participants to help them decipher which career they are more geared towards. The event will feature talks from various professionals about their respective work environments, and will be culminated by a networking session between the participants and the speakers.