The Financial Resources (FR) department is the backbone of AMA. It provides innovative projects and effective systems that generate and stimulate financial support as well as handling sponsorships for the organization. Aside from obtaining sufficient funding for the organization, the Financial Resources department instills a mindset of leadership within its members, all of whom are driven towards success and growth.


Jeraldine Annie C. Ng

Vice President for Financial Resources
Having been active in the organization since her freshman year, Je has stepped up to become the Vice President for Financial Resources in her final year in the Ateneo. In this role, she supervises all projects and initiatives of the department and ensures constant cash inflow for the organization. Together with her AVPs, she also looks after the development and welfare of the managers under the department. This year, she envisions not only to provide a home for the managers and members but also an avenue for them to grow through the projects they will be part of within the department.

Stephanie Denise A. Gan

Associate Vice President for Marketing
Since her first year as a manager, Steph has been exposed to different marketing opportunities that provide sponsorships for the organization’s different projects. This has allowed her to step up and take on the role of Associate Vice President for Marketing who is in charge of overseeing and supervising all sponsorship efforts of all AMA projects as well as honing the skills of the Marketing Team who are interested in her line of work. Steph aims to provide the best resources for AMA and its members through sponsorship efforts while ensuring and maintaining AMA’s good relationship ties with its sponsors.

Janieca C. Bonamy

Associate Vice President for Projects
Having been inspired by people who took the time to mentor her inside AMA, Janieca stepped out of her comfort zone to serve the entire organization with the goal of growth and mentorship in mind. Her role as an Associate Vice President for Projects under the FR department is not only to supervise projects from start to end, but also to guide her project heads in the best way of doing so. With her constant enthusiasm for learning, she hopes to end her term seeing concrete growth within the people she has worked with, allowing them to develop an attitude of coachability and hard skills in decision making.

Aaron Dave W. Lee

Associate Vice President for Projects
Aaron started his AMA journey during his second year in Ateneo. From that point, he has been exposed to a large number of projects in AMA, which honed his skills both as a manager and a problem solver. Today, being the Associate Vice President for Projects, he oversees and ensures that the many fundraising initiatives employed by AMA are handled efficiently and effectively. By the end of his term as the Financial Resources AVP for Projects, he wants to see to a sustainable AMA both in finances as well as passionate officers that will push AMA further.




Fatima Abam

Matthew Alamani

Oliver Chia

Junwon Choi

John Chua

John Rayner Co

Joshua Co

Monica Co

Pocholo Delima

Dia Dylim


Josh Kiocho

Cristine Lee

Earl Lee

Thea Lingao

Anna Monedero

Ashley Ong

Tonichi Regalado

Ysabel Sagmit

Danielle Tantuco

Stephanie Tolentino

Aaron Uy