The Human Resources (HR) department aims to create an avenue for its members to hone their skills and to find their home in the Ateneo Management Association. The department exemplifies the home aspect of the organization by fostering an environment that stimulates belongingness and providing different avenues for leadership development and member involvement through its projects and initiatives.


Mark Oliver D. Fernandez

Vice President for Human Resources
Mark has always been a people person. His HR journey started way back in first year when he joined one of the organization's talent pools, AMAcoustics. He eventually applied for the department as a manager the year after and continued to expose himself to the different projects and initiatives of HR. Now as the Vice President for Human Resources, he aspires to strengthen both member activation and initiative and offer a more holistic kind of growth by balancing leadership formation and the aspect of fun in the process of achieving so. He wants them to be able realize their value and purpose as the future leaders of the organization.

Claudia Sofia Dc. Tuaño

Associate Vice President for Member Relations
When Claudia enters the room, you know she's there. Her loud laugh and outrageous stories is something that you won't be able to ignore even if you tried. She takes pride in being able to communicate with people and establish connections that goes beyond the organization's environment. Through her role as the Associate Vice President for Member Relations, she is able to make the most out of this ability in order to provide a more homey aspect into the organization. Her goal is to be able to let AMAns feel that there truly is a home in the organization.

Miguel Paolo C. Enriquez

Associate Vice President for Projects
Miguel believes that every person has the potential to be great. It was in AMA where he discovered his passion for business and where he developed his skills as a leader. Through the opportunities provided by the organization, he was able to learn and grow as an individual. As the Associate Vice President for Projects under the Human Resources department, his role includes supervising projects and initiatives that welcome members into the organization and ensure their growth and development as well. He envisions HR to not only provide a home for its members but also help them realize their passion and purpose.

James Andrieu G. Tee

Associate Vice President for Projects
Jamu is a fun-loving and hardworking guy whose #1 goal is to be as efficient and as different as possible in his projects. As the Associate Vice President for Projects, he wants to make sure that AMA’s HR projects are constantly improving and evolving into bigger and much better projects. At the end of the day, he wants to make AMA’s projects better, one project at a time.

Alfonso Vicente Ignacio P. Santos

Associate Vice President for Training and Development
Ponch is this year's Associate Vice President for Training and Development. His goal for this year is to further establish the Training and Development system of Human Resources department as the service based arm of the organization. This initiative is aimed at helping all the departments and systems of the Ateneo Management Association.

Elaine Beatrice Y. Chua

Junior Batch Liaison Officer
Elaine is known for her genuine and bubbly character, as she always makes it a point to invest her time in the good company of others. Being a people-oriented person, she understands each person's value and continually strives to ensure their growth within and outside of AMA. Thus, it comes to no surprise that she has served under the HR department for the past 3 years – now, as the current Junior Batch Liaison Officer, she works towards creating the inclusive environment that she has personally felt in AMA, and continues to explore the many opportunities that lie ahead for herself and others.

Jose Luis D. Cruz

Junior Batch Liaison Officer
Jose, known as Kerfuffle to AMAns and Jolo to those dear to him, goes beyond his role as the Junior Batch Liaison Officer. He aims to reach his goals of batch unity and honing the knowledge and skill sets of fellow AMAns, as well as create a more inclusive environment. In the process, he strives to maintain the environment of balanced values in having a family where one can passionately work and lead in with the accountability mindset that a leader needs as they grow not only in college, but also out in the realm of the professionals.

Cara Isabela S. de Jesus

Sophomore Batch Liaison Officer
As the Sophomore Batch Liaison Officer, Cara believes in empowering those around her. She does this by recognizing the members of the organization and by helping them find avenues to grow to where they may possibly give back ten fold to the field of business and society one day. With that in mind, she hopes that she can contribute to the best of her abilities for the betterment of AMA’s present and future.

Igor Expeditus F. Garcia

Sophomore Batch Liaison Officer
Igor has a very intuitive and imaginative way of thinking. He enjoys conversing with people and exchanging ideas and plans with them in order to reach his goals. He utilizes his grit and vigor to push his personal boundaries in pursuit of these personal and professional goals. As a Sophomore Batch Liaison Officer, he desires to connect with more people and through his genuine sense of concern towards others, it makes Igor a very sincere and genuine leader. Because of this, he wants to connect everyone in the organisation in a way that they can pursue their greater goals.


Rocky Camarista

Nikka Kelly Chang

Alyssa Chua

Franklin Co Ng

Speedy Cua

Jollo Daco

Aubrey Damian

Erika De Leon

Machi Descallar

Vince Domingo

Mauren Jane Dy

Cheska Dysico

Kel Fabian

Camille Go

Richard Hermogenes

Baci Herrera

Patrick Jingco

Chelsey Lao

Nadine Kwan Laurel

Amber Lee

Allen Mendoza

Phoebe Ong

GB Rojas

Savannah See

Sophia Song

Joshe Tiu

Sherwin Uy

Miggs Vitug

Megan Yao

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