The Human Resources (HR) department aims to create avenues for its members to hone both their interpersonal and project management skills, as well as to find a home in the Ateneo Management Association. The department exemplifies the home aspect of the organization by fostering an environment that stimulates belongingness, leadership development, and member involvement through its projects, systems, and initiatives.


Konni-Kamil Delos Reyes

Vice President for Human Resources
From being Mr. AMA as a freshman, to spearheading multiple projects as a Sophomore BLO, Konni has always been passionate about project management, human resource management, and facilitation whilst never failing to sport a fun-loving demeanor. His biggest reason for everything he does is his constant willingness to choose the more loving option. In AMA, he seeks to help others realize that the organization is a family that will welcome them no matter what. He believes that in giving importance to the welfare of each of AMA’s 628 members also means catalyzing their growth. With this, his main focus for his term is to revitalize the organization by prioritizing inclusivity and member welfare through improved projects, a revamped member relations arm, and an overall empowered HR department -- expect him to give his all in fulfilling his vision, not just as the HR VP, but as a friend any AMAn can approach.

Janell Santos

Associate Vice President for Events
Janell has been profoundly active in AMA for more than two years already since the start of her journey in the Ateneo. With her two-year stay in the organization, she has truly found a home in AMA and she has grown to love the organization even more through its HR Department. Now that she’s a junior, she is currently one of the department’s AVPs for Events, wherein she guides and oversees the HR projects as a whole while ensuring the core team’s welfare. Indeed, she has proven that her commitment, dedication, and love for the organization are ample to take her AMA journey further to an upsurge, with the goal of inspiring all members to grow, to have a sense of fulfillment in what they do, and to love AMA as much she does.

Sophia Eleanor Mangaser

Associate Vice President for Events
Molly’s AMA journey started in her second year of college after being active in the organization and finding a home within AMA. She was drawn in by the members who were always so supportive and welcoming to newcomers. Being a manager in AMA, coming out of her shell was her first step in becoming the best version of herself which ultimately made her love and passion for AMA grow stronger. This was her drive in becoming one of AMA’s HR Events AVP as she wanted to help other members grow and become the best version of themselves as well. She wishes for all members to find a home in AMA like how she did.

Aubrey Nathalie Oabel

Associate Vice President for Member Relations
Aubrey Oabel is currently a junior in the Ateneo and is the Member Relations AVP of the Ateneo Management Association. Her journey in the organization started during her freshman year through project involvement – since then, she has grown to love the organization more and more. With the role she has taken now in AMA, she plans to catalyze the growth of its members, transforming them into purpose-driven entrepreneurs, while building an environment that truly embodies a home.

David Emmanuel Morelos

Junior Batch Liason Officer
David has only recently been involved in AMA but quickly fell in love with the organization because of his batchmates, so he then chose to serve them through this position. He has batch unity as his priority and plans on improving this through pakikisama. His dream is to let AMA be a family that the members in his batch can go to.

Dominic Francis Uy

Junior Batch Liaison Officer
Dom started his AMA journey by being a subcore to various projects throughout his freshman and sophomore year, but his true calling to the organization took place when he was working together with his batchmates. They were his reason in becoming more active, and because of this, he chose to give back to AMA and his fellow batchmates. As one of the Junior Batch Liaison Officers of AMA, his priority is to make every member feel welcome into the organization and that no one gets left behind. Through the projects, systems, and initiatives, he strives for growth and inclusivity within his batchmates and the other members of AMA.

Ana Isabelle Chua

Sophomore Batch Liaison Officer
Being naturally outgoing and exuberant, Ana loves the welcoming and familial environment in AMA, especially that of the people who continually inspire her to pursue her vision for the organization. In her freshman year, Ana signed up for Baseline as a subcore, which made her fond of the organization, eventually moving her to participate in more projects. From the AMA projects she joined, her passion for the organization and its people motivated her to share the love she feels for the organization to other members as well. With her vision of sharing the love and being inclusive, she aims to do her best as she heads the sophomores towards a closer relationship with one another. Currently, Ana is the Sophomore Batch Liaison Officer and handler of AMAneuvers, the premier dance troupe of the organization, wherein she intends for the members to grow together and love the organization the way she loves AMA.

Jhedd Boldwin Yulangco

Sophomore Batch Liaison Officer
Ever since his first year in Ateneo, Jhedd has always wanted to be an active member of AMA. He always wanted to do what was necessary for the organization, and influenced his friends to do the same. He gained experience in the organization by being an active member of AMA Link, wherein he became the project head of FEAST and the AMA christmas party. He subcored in numerous projects to gain insight from the systems and inner workings of AMA. As the Sophomore BLO, he hopes to change the image of AMA being cliquish through his initiatives for his batch.


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