The Human Resources (HR) department aims to create an avenue for its members to hone their project management skills and to find their home in the Ateneo Management Association. The department exemplifies the home aspect of the organization by fostering an environment that stimulates belongingness and providing different avenues for both leadership development and member involvement through its projects and initiatives.


Florence Savannah See

Vice President for Human Resources
If there is one definite characteristic that perfectly describes Savvy, it would definitely be that of a people-person. Her journey in AMA goes back to the summer before college, when she was invited to become a block representative and an ambassador for the year-starter party, KickOff. Throughout her years in the organization, she has gained valuable experiences in being a project head for several projects, as well as in competing with the organization’s talent pool, AMAneuvers, in the Rhythm-in-Blue competition. Now on her fourth year in the department, she has made it her personal mission to be able to give back to the organization and its members: to facilitate their holistic growth and to help them find a home in AMA, just as she has.

Phoebe Ong

Associate Vice President for Events
Phoebe trusts that each individual has room for growth. In AMA, she was able to apply and develop skills that a leader needs to be equipped with. Her journey in the organization has aided her growth as a person. As an Associate Vice President for Events under the Human Resources department, her duties include supervising the projects and initiatives that will help make an impact on the new members’ lives, and walking with them through their growth in the organization. Phoebe’s desire to nurture the growth and development of members pushes her to deliver top quality output.

Cara de Jesus

Associate Vice President for Events
As one of the Associate Vice President's for Events, Cara aims to help guide and, at the same time, take care of other AMAns in order to deliver successful and relevant projects. She strongly believes that recognizing the members of the organization and helping them find avenues to grow can help them become empowered men and women who may possibly give back ten fold to the field of business and society one day. With that in mind, she hopes that she can contribute to the best of her abilities for the betterment of AMA’s present and future.

Elaine Chua

Associate Vice President for Member Relations
Elaine is someone who loves to invest her time in the company of others. As a people-oriented person, she understands each person's value and continuously strives to ensure their growth both within and outside of AMA. Thus, it comes as no surprise that she has served under the HR department for the past three years. Now, as the current Associate Vice President for member relations, she works towards building the inclusive environment that she has personally felt in AMA and yearns to help in the formation of a home in the organization.

Raphael Angelo Santos

Junior Batch Liason Officer
Raph believe's in each member's ability to grow and contribute to the organization. Since his journey began in AMA, his peers have paved the way for him to holistically grow, both as a member of the organization and as a person. His personal experience in the organization has motivated him to provide the same experience to future members, which is why his primary objective as a Junior Batch Liaison Officer is to not only provide members of the organization a path to integrate themselves and become productive members of the organization, but also to provide a strong support system that will help them fully realize their potential as people.

Khristian Mauricio

Junior Batch Liaison Officer
Khristian's tasks as a Batch Liaison Officer for Juniors include advocating a more cohesive batch base through several initiatives that support batch unity. He is also tasked to bridge concerns to the EB-BOA and maintain a strong connection with managers that are on the Junior Term Abroad program. He assists the Vice President for Human Resources and also serves as a Course Representative in the Ateneo Sanggunian. Additonally, he is tasked to manage the AMAneuvers team and coach them through the Rhythm-in-Blue finals. Khristian has been in AMA since his freshman year, starting off as a member of the Marketing Team and as a subcore for several projects. In Sophomore year, Khristian became an External Relations manager, where he became the Logistics Head for Networking Night and the Programs Head for En Route, all the while filling several subcore positions for various AMA projects as well.

Erika Belena

Sophomore Batch Liaison Officer
Erika has always felt welcomed in AMA since her first experience as a freshman ambassador for Spark. Since then, she has become motivated to continue growing in the organization, and so found herself taking part in various AMA projects. Currently one of the Sophomore Batch Liaison Officers, Erika continues to find family in AMA while learning and developing different skills, and in so doing, aims to help her fellow batchmates do the same. She works towards empowering her batchmates by giving them a voice to be heard in the organization and by helping them expand their skills in the fields that they choose. In doing this, she intends to create an atmosphere of camaraderie within AMA. Erika’s spirited love for AMA fuels her to give what she can for the betterment of the entire organization.

Konni Delos Reyes

Sophomore Batch Liaison Officer
Konni has a very intuitive and imaginative way of thinking. He enjoys conversing with people and exchanging ideas and plans with them in order to reach his goals. He utilizes his grit and vigor to push his personal boundaries in pursuit of these personal and professional goals. As a Sophomore Batch Liaison Officer, he desires to connect with more people and through his genuine sense of concern towards others, is a very sincere and genuine leader. Because of this, his primary aim is to connect everyone in the organisation in a way that they can pursue their greater goals.


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