Spark is a one-day preparatory course that aims to integrate the Management and Management-honors freshmen into the culture of Ateneo, as well as introduce them to their courses and provide them with the necessary information to begin their life as a Management major. This is done through engaging talks and various activities.


Brownies for Buddies—BFB for short—is a yearly fundraiser that aims to spread the love in the LS Community during the Valentine's season by selling brownies and other baked goods. It also acts as an event that activates freshmen by engaging them in healthy competition.


Recweek is a week-long project which gives students the opportunity to see and sign-up for the different organizations available in the Ateneo. This is also where various organizations are able to showcase what they are all about and capture the attention of the students in the university.


Awards Night (previously Year End Party) is an event that serves as an avenue to recognize the efforts of both managers and members alike. Through this formal event, AMA is able to relive the glory of its successful projects. It serves as a culminating night to end the academic year.


AMA GA is open to both new and old members of AMA. This organization-wide assembly gives all its members an overview of the organization, its departments, as well as future projects that is open for them to participate in.


AMAneuvers is the premier dance troupe of AMA. It serves as an avenue for dancers in the organization to hone their skills by performing in events both in and our of AMA events.


Previously KickOff, Baseline is a welcoming event with the sole purpose of integrating freshmen and new members of AMA into the organization. It is a night filled with music and drinks that encourages social interactions among the attendees, all the while serving as an avenue for members to showcase their talents.


AMAcoustics is a year-long program that welcomes all the singers and musicians in the organization. It provides a platform for them to further hone their talents by sharing it with others and finding a family while doing so.


AMA Week is a week-long event meant to celebrate the family built within AMA. It is a way for all members to come and spend time together, meet new people, and bond through various activities. Accompanying this project is AMAthletics, a two-day sports fest to be held after school hours.


IAC is a year-long program that occurs every semester. It allows different organizations and barkada groups to compete against each other in the fields of basketball, volleyball, and indoor football.


Bonfire Night is a new project which focuses on paying tribute to the seniors in the form of a house party, ensuring that the event is kept simple but highly intimate. It also serves as a mid-semester party for other members of the organization and allows them to further bond and reminisce on their time with the graduating batch.