SPARK is a one-day preparatory course that integrates the Management and Management-Honors freshmen into the Ateneo culture, introduces them to their courses and provides them with the necessary information to begin their life as a Management major. These are done through various modules, games, and talks.


AMAthletics is a 2-3 day sports and recreational activity event which calls all AMAns to engage in friendly competitions with one another through sports such as basketball, volleyball, and badminton, as well as recreational activities such as patintero, and other Filipino games.


Recweek is a week-long project which gives students the opportunity to see and sign-up for the different organizations available in the Ateneo. This is also where various organizations are able to showcase what they are all about and capture the attention of the students in the university.


AMA Week is a week-long event meant to celebrate and foster the family-orientedness of the organization. It is an avenue for all AMAns to come and spend time together, strengthening current friendships, as well as building new ones, through fun and engaging activities that are held in the tambay area.


AMA GA is for both the new and old members of the organization. Through facilitated discussions, it introduces the various systems, projects and initiatives that the organization has to offer, especially to its new members.


Brownies for Buddies is one of the primary freshman activation, and fundraising projects of the organization. It is a week-long event that promotes a healthy competition between AMAns in selling the most amount of brownies.


Baseline is the first, and the biggest party of the organization. It is a night filled with music and drinks, as it provides the members of the organization an avenue to let loose and have fun with their fellow AMAns. It also allows for members to showcase their talents, as AMA’s talent pools such as AMAneuvers have live performances in the said event.


AMA Ball is the organization’s culminating event of the academic year. It aims to recognize the efforts and outstanding performances of officers, managers and members alike, allowing the organization to give back to its most important assets. Additionally, it allows the alumni to get caught up with their home organization, as they, too, are invited to attend.


Bonfire Night is the final event of the organization, which aims to send off its graduating members in the form of a house party. It is an avenue for members to come together and unwind for an evening of fun and bonding in a more intimate setting with their seniors and super-seniors, for one last time before they graduate.