Leadership Formation Seminar is a three-day event that creates an environment for participants to learn more about their leadership personalities and potentialities. The multitude of modules allow for participants to go out of their comfort zones and explore what it truly means to lead.


MTS is the stepping off point for our managers. This event equips managers with the necessary tools to succeed in their year-long efforts. As much as being a manager is an experiential learning process, we want to mitigate potential burnout through educating them with possible scenarios they might encounter throughout their manager journey.


The Studio is an event that seeks to bring renowned talents in various artistic industries to impart knowledge upon students seeking to pursue similar fields. Talks will be held to demonstrate how one can turn creative passion into profession through helpful anecdotes that hopefully can aid students into making a living by doing what they love. In addition, skills will be taught through interactive workshops that will definitely give students the opportunity to learn processes and bring home outputs at the end of the day.