As the information management arm of the Ateneo Management Association, the Office of the Secretary-General (OSG) spearheads the centralization of information and data within and outside the organization. The department aims to maintain an interest in every project of the organization, from the planning stages to the post-project stages through its data management and market research initiatives, publication efforts and consultancy services.


Andre Miguel Apacible

Data Management Deputy
Andre started his journey in AMA back in sophomore year when his friends pushed him to be active. He became a subcore for several projects, and eventually, he became an OSG consultant. Throughout his journey, he gained a lot of useful knowledge and skills such as being proficient in excel and being able to handle different types of people. Not only that, he even gained a family in the organization. Now being the current Data Management Deputy, he aims to establish the importance of data for further improvement of the projects and the whole well-being of the organization.

Pierce Joshua Ongchan

Market Research Deputy
Pierce is the Market Research Deputy of the Ateneo Management Association. Being in his 4th year in the organization, he has shown that he possesses the skills and rigor necessary to be of the leaders of the organization. From his commitments to academic excellence, family and social life, he has proven his capabilities to handle multiple projects and initiatives. He has spearheaded the market research arm of the OSG department with the goal of making decision processes of core teams easier, gathering data regarding organizational trends and ultimately enhancing the quality of projects by the organization.

Joaquin Alfonso Santiago

Publications Deputy
Joaquin Santiago, more commonly known as “Jappy”, is a 3rd year student that serves as the Ateneo Management Association’s Publications Deputy under the Office of the Secretary General. Under this role, he is in charge of the dissemination and release of publication and promotional material, and the management of the key social media accounts of the organization. In his term as deputy, Jappy hopes to strengthen the organization’s image by empowering the members of the department through stronger member integration, and to ensure that the organization stands out to entities inside and outside the Ateneo.




Aaron Chua

Camille Formalejo

Carlo Gesmundo

Cyan Joven

Gab Castillo

Greg Pimentel

Nicole Generoso

Paolo Dawana

Rafael Gaston