As the information management arm of the Ateneo Management Association, the Office of the Secretary-General (OSG) spearheads the centralization of information and data within and outside the organization. The department aims to maintain an interest in every project of the organization, from the planning stages to the post-project stages through its data management initiatives, publication efforts, and research and consultancy services.


Ryen Gabriel Dizon

Data Management Deputy
Ryen Dizon is a third year BS ITE student who has been a member of the organization since his freshman year. He joined the OSG department on his second year of college, after recognizing the potential of the department and its inherent value to the organization's growth. He applied for the position of Deputy for Data Management with a vision to ground every decision made in the organization to direct growth that is planned through data and the organization's collected knowledge. It has become his way to give back to the organization that has given him so much.

Alessa Interior

Publications Deputy
Alessa's AMA journey started as a subcore member for Brownies for Buddies during her freshman year, and in the subsequent year, she became an OSG manager, causing her to grow to enjoy and learn about the many projects she was involved in. Now, as the Deputy for Publications, she is in charge of continuing the organization’s active presence in its social media accounts. Alessa has revamped the blasting system due to social media white noise — she aims to have effective project blasts while garnering high reach and engagement numbers.




Matthew Alamani

Kylie Alvarez

Andre Apacible

Timothy Chong

Santiago Cruz

Paolo Dawana

Ferdie Mangahas

Pierce Ongchan

Jappy Santiago

Caitlin Young