AMA’s online preparatory course for the incoming Management and Management-Honors freshmen and transferees which aims to help them prepare for their first year taking the course in Ateneo and familiarize themselves with their coursemates.


AMA’s General Assembly held after RecWeek where the organization introduces itself to its members and presents each department’s initiatives, opportunities, and projects for the entire school year.


A one-week gaming event open to all members of the organization. The event will include bucket lists to be accomplished by the teams, as well as a live-streamed gaming competition

Kwentuhan sa Tables

A podcast series that aims to promote discourse between AMAns and renowned experts about leadership, entrepreneurship, and social issues.


The Leadership Formation Seminar (LFS) is 5-day long leadership training program inclusive of synchronous and asynchronous activities using the platforms of Zoom, Discord and Facebook groups which aims to provide participants the opportunity to discover their leadership capabilities, further their knowledge on leadership roles, and hone their skills in the process.

The Studio

An online series of seminars and workshops on cultivating creativity as an entrepreneurial opportunity for those who are interested and passionate about the arts, no matter what stage they are part of in their art journey, may they be novice, intermediate, or advanced, in order to create an inclusive and supportive art community with Senior High School and College Students

AMA Merch

A fund generation project which aims to sell merchandise to the organization’s members, to further establish the identity of AMAns and cultivate their sense of community in the organization.

Career Avenue

A two-day event open to both Ateneans and non-Ateneans consisting of workshops and talks to help participants be more familiarized with the process of interviews, creating resumes/CVs, and networking.


A 3-day investing webinar that will be open to Senior High School and College students. The goal of the event is to educate and develop the skills needed to assess markets and capitalize on opportunities to maximize returns.

SE Camp

A 6 day series where Senior High School and College Freshmen Students will get to experience a series of synchronous seminar workshops and asynchronous mentorship sessions that will enable them to create and deliver a Business Pitch.

Fast Forward

Fast Forward is a virtual company tour and program that seeks to immerse college students into the real-world business experience. It serves as an avenue for participants to directly interact with well-esteemed professionals from reputable companies. This enables both participants and companeis to connect with one another with the possibility of future internships or even employment.

AMA Culminate

AMA’s year-end event aimed at celebrating the contributions of AMAns to the organization during the past school year