The Top Four Officers ensure the organization's alignment to its vision and mission while ensuring the overall health of all the facets of AMA. They spearhead planning for the organization and oversee the execution of all of its activities.


James Andrieu Tee

Andrieu Tee, more commonly known as "Jamu," is a senior in the Ateneo and is the president of the Ateneo Management Association. He considers organizational development to be his top priority during his term, and plans to achieve this by becoming more hands on with the training and development of the members of the organization. With the help of his Executive Board and the Board of Associates, he hopes to make AMA stronger and more well-equipped for the future.

Jalisha Belle Yulangco

Executive Vice President
It was in AMA that Jali first experienced being a part of a community filled with passionate individuals who strive for excellence. Here, she not only grew as a person, but she also found a home that pushed her to be the person she is today. This enlightening experience is what she hopes to create for members as the Executive Vice President of AMA. In this role, she oversees the implementation of systems and initiatives geared towards manager, member, and project development. She also strives to strike a balance between work and play in the organization, all the while maintaining a positive work environment.

Stephanie Villar

Secretary General
Steffi has always felt a strong passion for both the organization and the OSG department since her sophomore year as an OSG Manager. During her third year as Data Management Deputy, she knew that she would be able to serve AMA in a bigger, much more significant way as the Secretary General. Now, she is part of the chief decision makers and acts as a department head. This year, her main goals are 1) to strengthen the newly added initiatives of research and consultancy, and 2) to create a much more efficient data management system for AMA and for all of its projects and initiatives.

Miguel Francisco Torres

Francis is one of the few people you will always see with a smile on his face. Although he was a first-time manager in the previous year, he believes that in this short span of time, he was able to learn much about himself and about others. He gladly took the task of being AMA's Treasurer, seeing it as the perfect way to give back to the organization that has given him so much. As the Treasurer, Francis ultimately ensures responsible allocation of the organization’s finances. He believes that the quality of projects is of prime importance in making financial decisions. With this in mind, Francis hopes that managers will learn to control their budgets, instead of letting budgets control them.