Office of the Executive Vice President

The Office of the Executive Vice President ensures that the members are provided with experiences that would empower them inside and outside the organization. To do this, the department spearheads the training & development of all AMAns. Additionally, it strives to give academic support through its initiatives and other efforts to amplify the voices of the members as students.

Office of the Secretary General

The Office of the Secretary-General (OSG) is the information management and strategy arm of the organization. It aims to administer, utilize, and interpret data in order to optimize operations, implement strategies, and drive decision-making—taking on a proactive role in the development of the organization’s projects, initiatives, and members.

Office of the Treasurer

The Office of the Treasurer (OT) is the financial arm of the organization. It manages all the incoming and outgoing funds to ensure it is financially healthy. While doing so, it empowers members by teaching them how to make socially responsible financial decisions

Advertising and Communications

The Advertising & Communications (AdComm) Department provides purpose to the organization by producing traditional and non-traditional promotional materials meant to visually represent AMA and its advocacy. It goes beyond just creating art as the department aims to empower the socially responsible and entrepreneurial artist in everyone.

Business and Administration

The Business Applications (BA) Department aims to provide education and advocate for social entrepreneurship (SE), its importance, and relevance by providing avenues and opportunities to integrate it into their daily lives. The BA Department also aims to provide platforms for aspiring entrepreneurs, even outside AMA, encouraging them to hone their entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, and experience.

External Relations

The External Relations (ExR) department serves as AMA’s bridge to opportunities that includes but is not not only limited to entities and organizations within the Ateneo, corporations, and social enterprises. It promotes the public image of the organization and focuses on managing the organization's partnerships with external stakeholders. The department aims to provide exposure and opportunities of growth to each of AMA’s members.

Human Relations

The Human Resources (HR) department exemplifies the family aspect of the organization by bridging and empowering the fAMAly through member welfare and development. It aims to strengthen interdepartmental relationships and nurture member potential through events, initiatives, and systems that stimulate belongingness, leadership development, and member involvement.