The Top Four Officers ensure the organization's alignment to its vision and mission while ensuring the overall health of all the facets of AMA. They spearhead planning for the organization and oversee the execution of all of its activities.


Joseph Martin Mercado

JM believes that AMA is a space for collaboration, experience, and most importantly: growth. Having experienced being a member, manager, associate vice president, and now president, JM leads the organization knowing that each person in AMA deserves opportunities for development and leadership. “Grow Together,” his direction for the year, comes from his continued effort to be inclusive and bring a level of work that is conducive for the organization’s growth.

Raphael Angelo Santos

Executive Vice President
As the Executive Vice President of the organization, Raph aims to cultivate an environment that promotes sustainable growth without compromising member welfare. His AMA journey from being an inactive member to becoming a member of the Top Four, has made him realize how bridging opportunities for members to advance in the organization needs to start from small beginnings.

Alessa Clarice Interior

Alessa stayed in her home department (OSG) for three years in AMA, wherein she grew to love and understand the importance of data in project executions. However, she noticed that some AMAns relied on “gut-feelings” when it came to forming important decisions, this sparked in her a vision where all AMAns (not just those in OSG) to whole-heartedly practice an appreciation and application of data acquired from previous years and market research efforts.

Cara Isabela De Jesus

Over her past three years serving the organization, Cara's passion for AMA and it's members has only continued to grow. Having seen the inner workings of the organization from the perspective of a member, a batch liaison officer, and the associate vice president, she came to realize the importance of excellent asset management, wise investments, and strategic thinking. Moreover, she saw the need to be more sustainable and communicative within the organization. As Treasurer, Cara aims to advocate for the use, allocation, and management of resources and assets in ways that are in favor of AMA's benefactors. She believes that finance only plays a supporting role to the true backbone of the organization, which is its members, their aspirations, and what they want to achieve in AMA.