The Top Four Officers ensure the organization's alignment to its vision and mission while ensuring the overall health of all facets of AMA. They spearhead planning for the organization and oversee the execution of all its activities.


Noel Parker S. Wee

Noel has been active in the organization ever since his first year in Ateneo, a decision he made specifically because he wanted to develop himself as a leader towards entrepreneurship. Coming from the Human Resources department in his second year and the Business Applications department in his third, he got to experience both the growth and entrepreneurship aspect of the organization. Now, as the President, he aims to give back to the organization by furthering its advocacy of the entrepreneurship and developing future leaders.

Kaila Bianca D. Raymundo

Executive Vice President
It is in AMA that Kaila first experienced being part of a community of passionate individuals who strive for excellence. Here, she not only grew as an entrepreneur, she also found a home that pushed her to be the person she is today. This enlightening experience is what she hopes to create for members as the Executive Vice President of AMA. In this role, she oversees the implementation of systems and initiatives geared towards manager, member and project development. She also strives to create a harmonious synergy within the organization wherein passion meets profession.

Cedric Niallsen B. Teng Ampo

Secretary General
Ced has always been one of the people who loves using technology and gadgets in a bid to get things done faster and with less effort, and this is something that he brought to the table as he stepped up to become AMA's Secretary General. With this being his last year in the Ateneo, he aims to spend it in the pursuit of improved efficiency in data management and project flow by creating and revising systems to streamline them as well as improving the organization's online presence.

Natasha Mae Kourtney D. Ong

As the Treasurer, Natasha serves as the chief financial officer of the organization by managing all budget allocations and executions. She believes that sound financial practices can be achieved through a collaborative culture among members. Natasha hopes to dispel the notion of finance as a purely technical field by showing how creative it can be.